SAUM – ASI Kota Kinabalu Bakery

SAUM - ASI Kota Kinabalu Bakery

A-ASI Bakery is going to set up at the Kota Kinabalu S.D.A Church, Likas ( SabahMalaysia ) with the idea that nutritious and healthy food can also be tasty and stimulate the appetite. At the time, the ultimate aim is to help the city community to enjoy a good nutritious bread. A-ASI, which mean delicious and wholesome food in local (Kadazandusun) dialect Bakery, is part of the strategies to reach out the city people. This service may offer to meet people needs and form friendship with them. It is our ardent hope, in A-ASI Bakery visitors find excellent products and services, best of all, new friendships with joyous Adventist Christians.