NPUC – The Healthy Noodle (Noodle with Vegetable) and Coffee Alternative Project

NPUC - The Healthy Noodle (Noodle with Vegetable) and Coffee Alternative Project

I. Goal: The Project is to upgrade/expand a sustainable MGSK Facilities of a Healthy Vegetarian Noodle and Coffee Alternative to support and sustain the outreachOutreachSystem Program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and to reach the non Christian especially the Moslem, and the community as well. 

II. Mission: MGSK exists to proclaim the three angels message and to support the church’s mission in preparing and awakening the people to the second coming of Jesus, through our health message. By educating and training people, of God’s requirements and standards particularly in, livelihood food, wellness, organizations stewardship, farming and others. 

III. Project Impact:

   A. The Project will Implement the God’s Plans written in the Health FooMinistry and 7T sec. 3. The Project will sustain the following Ministry: 

    1. Public Evangelism; 
    2. Radio Ministry; 
    3. Kids/Child Development Ministry; 
    4. Jail Ministry; 
    5. AMR Ministry; 

   B. Church Planting 

   C. Livelihood training 

   D. Supply the COI Center of Healthy Foods  

   E. Supply Healthy Foods and Coffee Alternative to the Victims of disaster and Calamity. 

   F. People will know the True Day of worship by Closing the factory and outlets in Sabbath day from Friday sunset  and Saturday sunset. 

   G. Open opportunity for the Employment of our SDA members.