Presidents Message


To all SSD ASI members, coordinators, and stakeholders,

In this new normal environment, the use of the Internet is becoming a necessity, especially in accessing websites for business, social networking and spiritual online access to various inspirational subject matters.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, we have adjusted to this phenomenon, responding to the need to fight COVID-19 and keep our respective families, businesses and churches safe and healthy.

Our General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not hampered by the pandemic and has instead initiated an “I WILL GO” Program for us to take the challenge in helping finish God’s work according to our unique strengths, skills and abilities.

While we are geographically separated, culturally diverse, and under COVID-19, we work for the Lord in one conviction and direction.  At present, most of us are forced to work remotely, maximizing productivity through online business meetings and church virtual worships.

In support of the Total Member Involvement (TMI) program of the church, we are creating this essential enabling tool, the SSD ASI website, where our programs may be posted and accessed. This website is designed for your easy and quick navigation to get frequent SSD ASI updates that will hopefully drive to increase our membership, participation to upcoming events, build social networks for potential business matching and other organizational support requirements like payment acceptance for membership and convention fees.

On this website, we will be launching our ASI Academy with entrepreneurship programs that we have started from the previous SSD ASI Administration, and in addition, we invite you to take advantage of our new and engaging online business sessions that will provide you with trainings/seminars intended to strengthen our businesses/professions and offer collaborative support for the world church’s “I WILL GO” program.

With this website, “WE WILL GO” for our corporate total involvement. 

Welcome to our SSD ASI website.

In Christ,

Roy Gumapac Perez
SSD ASI President